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Welcome to Historic St. Marys, a place where small town charm meets the historic past. Initially settled in the mid-1500s, this area of town is one of the oldest and contains excellent examples of antique architecture. Historic St. Marys real estate is often over one hundred years old, but having been lovingly maintain and updated, these houses continue to make fantastic homes for those with an appreciation for old-world design. Set at the center of a relaxed, friendly, small-town community, these homes are highly walkable.

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Historic St. Marys HomeWith construction dates ranging from the mid-1800s to present day, you'll find that historic St. Marys real estate comes in a broad range of styles. Some of the most expensive houses in the neighborhood also happen to be the oldest. Over a hundred and fifty years old, these homes have spacious southern style porches, vaulted ceilings, wood burning stoves, and shuttered windows. Of course, they also have modern updates to keep residents cozy and comfortable. You'll appreciate fully renovated kitchens with state-of-the-art appliances and granite countertops.

There is also a wide range of single-family homes available in the region. These can take the shape of relaxed bungalows with wide front windows and sunny exteriors, or A-frame cottage in the woods, or modern American homes with asphalt shingles and vinyl siding.

Inside, these homes vary as much as their exteriors. Some kitchens have cozy breakfast nooks where you can curl up on a window bench and watch the birds. Others have an open-concept design so you can enjoy meals at the countertop bar. Some living rooms feature old style fireplaces and come complete with fire pokers. Others take a more modern approach and feature thick cream colored carpets and playful wallpaper prints. At St. Marys you have options to choose from a whole spectrum of design styles.

Amenities Near Historic St. Marys Homes For Sale

The downtown quarter is made up of historic buildings, public greenspaces, and manicured walkways shaded by palms and mature deciduous trees. On Saturdays, the town becomes the site of a European style market where local farmers sell organic produce and artists sell paintings, wind chimes, and glasswork.

On Osborne Street, you'll find St. Marys Elementary School. This impressive building features brick archways and expansive windows in the classic Colonial building style. Established in 1809, this school is a beautiful fixture at the heart of a family-friendly community.

Along the water, you'll not only find some of the finest seafood joints in town, but heritage buildings with frilled awnings, picket fences, and western style false fronts. All of your daily amenities can be found here in addition to the ferry to Cumberland Island. Cumberland Island hosts one of Georgia's most impressive nature preserves. Here you'll find wild horses running through tall grass, loggerhead turtles nesting in the sand, and dozens of unique bird species.

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